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a kitchen appliance for disposing of garbage

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Thinking back to when garbage disposers were introduced, I remember commercials showing how effectively a wine glass could be ground up and washed down the drain, probably to illustrate the device's grinding power.
The second sink should be at least 16 inches wide if it includes a garbage disposer.
Chapters deal with the countdown to a remodel (including setting the stage, choosing the players and scripting the process from concept to construction), cabinets, surfaces, windows, lighting, cooktops, ovens, ranges, microwave ovens, ventilation, refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers, ice-makers, sinks, faucets, water treatment systems, dishwasher, garbage disposers, trash compactors, waste and recycling bins, spatial allowances in the area and more.
the Swedish-based holding company (jointly referred to as "Electrolux"), have filed a joint patent application in Italy relating to the incorporation of HydroMaid garbage disposer technology in a dishwasher.
Even if you run your garbage disposer until the last shred of food is gone, and you let the water run the recommended time, you can still wind up with an out-of-control science experiment that stinks up your kitchen.
Cherokee has no current operations while ESSI is engaged in the development, manufacture, assembly, marketing, sale, and distribution of a patented garbage disposer under the "HydroMaid" trademark.
If you still have a water leak after cleaning the air gap, clean the drain line where it meets the garbage disposer or drain wye (aka "Y").
Our garbage disposer had been making loud grinding noises for over a year.
Got a garbage disposer that spits, urn, garbage at you?
Run a separate 15- or 20-amp circuit for each of these watt-sucking appliances: garbage disposer, dishwasher, microwave, vent hood, trash compactor and space heater.
Here's the first rule for avoiding clogs: Don't use your garbage disposer like a trash can.
When my garbage disposer went on the fritz, ] purchased and then installed a new disposer that same day.
Forget lemons--clean and deodorize your garbage disposer with a disposer cleaner in about 15 seconds.
For example, you may have a bulky garbage disposer that won't allow you to install both upper slide-out trays.