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a bin that holds rubbish until it is collected

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Look for fruit fly sources in areas where unrefrigerated fruits and vegetables are stored, near garbage cans and recycling bins.
But nearly every home on my block has garbage cans "decorating'' the front yard.
When he decided he wanted to make music, garbage cans and metal buckets were all that were available.
It then approved the purchase of four sheds with concrete pads, eight standard park grills, 14 picnic tables, three bicycle racks and four 10-gallon pole mounted garbage cans, all to be placed throughout the city.
When we moved to the country, my husband decreed that we should f keep our garbage cans in the garage t to avoid attracting wild animals.
He pointed out that the losses incurred by the ministry and the two cleaning companies due to arson and sabotage which are targeting garbage cans and trucks had exceeded BD 2 million.
I've had people hiding in garbage cans overnight to catch pictures of me.
Incidentally, where in the chancel would one place the garbage cans for the reverent disposal of one's paper cup?
Several people suggested the money should finance bike lanes, more public benches and garbage cans along main thoroughfares.
Sorry, the garbage cans have been shot to pieces too.
Signs, benches and garbage cans will be installed, the kiosk will be refurbished and forestry work will be undertaken.
In this first phase of a multi-year project, the city is installing 175 recycling containers next to the garbage cans on the downtown transit mall.
Why not have the students paint conservation messages on all of our garbage cans throughout the school building to remind everyone to help save the earth?
If I would have shot that skunk walking across my backyard thinking it was the pesky raccoon that has been raiding my garbage cans, Three would have gone ballistic.
Announcing the planning for this grand scheme, he said that Quetta would be divided into seven segments, and appealed to traders community to help maintain the cleanliness in the City, by using fixed garbage cans for all garbage.