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a bin that holds rubbish until it is collected

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Residents report seeing Asians scouring garbage bins to "collect plastic bags, empty bottles of perfumes, cans and other random items".
Cerberus -owned Greenstar have been ordered by the Irish High Court to return all Panda's garbage bins and to refrain from taking any garbage bins in the future.
We will not allow stinking garbage bins around our houses.
A homeless man of Bulgarian origin came across a stash of French army weapons while looking through garbage bins in Paris.
They planted a home-made bomb in a roadblock in East Al-Aker, and used a pile of tires, palm tree trunks and garbage bins to ambush policemen, he said.
At the busy intersection, a hub for taxis and commuters, right next to the pedestrian crossing, are placed garbage bins.
The acquisition of an average 3,000 garbage bins per month is scheduled.
Abu Dhabi A mechanical engineer who led a comfortable life for a long time in the capital is now sleeping on the streets and eating from garbage bins over the past one month, Gulf News has learnt.
The project also entails maintenance of the existing playgrounds, in addition to installation of a large number of seats, and the distribution of garbage bins on different public beaches around Qatar.
Trash bags torn apart by hungry cats spread litter adjacent to the garbage bins and then to the nearest areas, which helps rats and crows to lead their lives with ease.
The municipal authorities aim to put another 1,000 garbage bins next year.
Since then, he has been putting tags on garbage bins to advertise the service.
All devices have been placed in or near garbage bins.
SB 291 would make it legal under certain circumstances to remove recyclable materials from garbage bins without the permission of the garbage haulers who own the containers.
At the suburban apartment complex of Racadau, some bears have learned how wasteful humans can be and regularly descend from the hills to feed from garbage bins.