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a bin that holds rubbish until it is collected

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Through this workshop, our aim is to not just teach these kids how to sketch, but also teach them to present their ideas in a unique way so that it leaves an indelible mark in the other person's mind," said illustrator of Garbage Bin, Shan.
We discovered that the family was only kidding with him when they said he was found next to a garbage bin but he took it seriously and decided to attempt suicide," Maj Ali Obaid said.
She then stuffed the baby's mouth with tissue paper, placed him in a plastic bag and dumped him a garbage bin.
A bomb placed in a packet which was concealed in Garbage Bin located in Zarghon Road Area in Quetta on Friday morning, exploded leaving three children injured.
While the CBI sleuths were busy searching the house, Tripathi and his wife dumped currency notes in a garbage bin and gave it to their domestic help " to dispose it off".
The fire broke out at Port Khalid around 2am on Saturday in a garbage bin at the Emirates Oil refinery depot in the port, according to media reports.
SANTA CLARITA - Curbside garbage bin cleaning: It may be a novelty in the United States, but in England many residents expect it.
Nor, after my perceived insult, was he inclined to dig around in his garbage bin for greasy chunks of discarded fat.
Other committee members, such as Liberal Pat O'Brien (London-Fanshawe), made a point of challenging the homosexual position by pointing out that the exact opposite would take place with the institution of marriage ending in the garbage bin replaced by wild individualism allowing everything and anything, including polygamy and every perversion under the sun.
If you could bring the trash out till the garbage bin, then you might as well dump it in.
A WOMAN stuffed her newborn baby's mouth with tissues and left him to die in a garbage bin at Bahrain International Airport (BIA), a court heard.
According to the investigation conducted by the public prosecution, a watchman at the wildlife sanctuary informed the police that he spotted tyre marks of a 4WD vehicle in the sanctuary in Al Ain city where a dead deer was found dumped in a garbage bin.
The killer apparently killed the child and threw away his clothes in a nearby place before leaving the headless body near the garbage bin, they said.
Eyewitnesses say that the fire, which started from a garbage bin kept outside the chemical shop, soon started spreading to the neighbouring shops and the residential area, which is close to the market.