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a bin that holds rubbish until it is collected

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The body of a newborn baby was found wrapped in a piece of cloth and dumped in a garbage bin.
Tenders are invited for Hand Drawn Plastic Mobile Garbage Bin With A Capacity Of 660 Liters With 4 Wheeler Of 360 Degree Rotatable To Carry The Garbage From Dust Bins To Nominated Dust Bin.
Sure enough, a Bangladeshi, Mohammed Akbar, 54, turned up to scour a garbage bin.
Sharjah: Municipal workers discovered a newborn body dumped in a garbage bin in Al Saja'a area of Sharjah on Thursday morning, a Sharjah Police official said.
President development relief organization Mohammad Amir said due to recent spell of rainfall, stream have been choked so that garbage bin has gathered on various road of Chakala scheme three, Dhamial streets, 22 number Chungi and cantonment areas.
15am that day and two of them placed the device into a garbage bin, while the third was waiting in the car.
The killer apparently killed the child and threw away his clothes in a nearby place before leaving the headless body near the garbage bin, they said.
Eyewitnesses say that the fire, which started from a garbage bin kept outside the chemical shop, soon started spreading to the neighbouring shops and the residential area, which is close to the market.
I don't think people really realise that they need to be respected highly as they unfortunately get to clean up all dirt and garbage that other people just throw on the street, pavement, next to the garbage bin instead of inside of the bin.
SANTA CLARITA - Curbside garbage bin cleaning: It may be a novelty in the United States, but in England many residents expect it.
According to the investigation conducted by the public prosecution, a watchman at the wildlife sanctuary informed the police that he spotted tyre marks of a 4WD vehicle in the sanctuary in Al Ain city where a dead deer was found dumped in a garbage bin.
Patna: Health workers from a government hospital in Bihar dumped a newborn baby in a garbage bin after the mother refused to tip them.
I saw a fire in a garbage bin, I went to put it out and he came and slapped me, insulted me and kicked me," the teen told prosecutors.
By Afterward, he allegedly threw the body in a garbage bin in Al-Wurud district in the city.
8, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, answering machines, cordless telephones, radios and pre-1997 tennis shoes with flashing lights are banned from the garbage bin.