Garand rifle

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a semiautomatic rifle

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Payment of another Garand rifle he surrendered was not yet released.
Garand rifle loaded with 8-round en bloc clips, studied their options.
He now wonders whether he'll be prohibited from purchasing the type of M1 Garand rifle his father used during World War II.
Standing over them was an American soldier waving his Garand rifle.
In 2004, All-Army Cadet Champion Donald Skidmore of Texas Tech University was awarded a Secretary of the Army Trophy M-1 Garand rifle.
During WWII, American troops were issued the "greatest battle implement ever devised," the M1 Garand rifle.
He said the rebel surrenderees yielded one M-14 automatic rifle, a Garand rifle and two .
The NPA rebels, 24 mass base supporters and 20 members of the Militia ng Bayan (People's Militia) formally returned to the fold of the law and surrendered two M16 rifles, an M1 Garand rifle, three .
While the semiauto M1 Garand rifle had been adopted in 1936, teething problems with it mean that when the U.
Canfield's epic work The Ml Garand Rifle, I understand.
But the M1 Garand rifle and M1 carbine arrived just in time.
I was rather pleased to be able to take an unaltered Ml Garand rifle, nearly six decades after leaving the US Marine Corps, and shoot a 1.
The trio also voluntarily turned over their firearms, an M16 rifle; an M79 rifle; and an M1 Garand rifle to our soldiers," said Brig.
There was no way of alerting the infantrymen around the bend of the road and I expected to hear a machine gun, BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle), or Garand rifle open up any moment.