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a semiautomatic rifle

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Unlike a bolt gun barrel that is just a tapered tube with threads on one end, the Garand barrel is stepped and turned to a half-dozen different diameters along its length.
Dany Garand (along with colleague Marcus Gleitz) designed the 2015 Audi A3 Sedan.
It may have been final, but as WWII loomed, the Garand wasn't in its final form and other designs, most notably the Johnson rifle, were advocated.
senators from states with high levels of income inequality are more polarized than other senators," writes Garand, "primarily in response to state income inequality and greater constituency polarization that results from high income inequality.
Garand will be responsible for Sigma Systems' Professional Services, which installs and integrates the company's award-winning Service Management Portfolio of provisioning, activation, fulfillment and active mediation solutions within service providers' networks.
Garand and her associates conducted a cross-sectional study of 23 women and 4 men whose spouses met Alzheimer's Disease Research Center criteria for MCI.
Garand added, very little is known "about what it's like to give care to a person with milder levels of [cognitive impairment].
SEC leveled securities charges against all four individuals, plus Christopher Garand, 58, who had been in charge of General Re's U.
It is not only the definitive treatment of the MI Garand rifle but a landmark in firearms publishing.
I greatly enjoyed Duke Venturino's article on the MI Garand in the February issue.
She was sister of the late Philip Garand and Mel Garand.
For more information contact: Julie Garand 508-460-4036 julie.
In October 1951, I taught small arms on both the Lee-Endfield and Garand M.
Jack'' Garand, who helped drive The Walt Disney Co.