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Synonyms for garage


service station

Synonyms for garage

an outbuilding (or part of a building) for housing automobiles

a repair shop where cars and trucks are serviced and repaired

keep or store in a garage

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Their self-titled debut album soothes you with lilting, fuzzy melodies before it shakes you to the core with some straight-up garage rock.
Jonny said: "We're already in talks with more artists, including a garage rock band from Japan, and we hope to find some local talent too that fits with the garage blues rock genre.
That brooding sense of culpability contrasts against the garage rock soundscape, creating a dissonance that's engrossing.
They have drawn comparisons from other garage rock acts such as The Black Keys and The Dead Weather.
Based around brothers George and Evan Thomas, the music is a mash-up of 60s garage rock, sprinkled with space rock and sci-fi bleeps and squeaks.
Featuring 12 original tracks plus a cover of The Small Faces' “Sorry She's Mine,” Now Hear This is the unmistakeable product of its members common roots in the classic powerpop, punk, glam and garage rock of the '70s and '80s.
85 (Music for Screens) The 1960s garage rock band was one of the first signed to GNP Crescendo Records, and is the subject of upcoming docu "Pushing Too Hard.
Musically, it continues the lo-fi garage rock stylings of his last album, 2009's Hot Wax, with fuzzed-up guitars and a sprawling organ, but this is a far more adventurous work.
The quartet from San Francisco play loud rock n roll in a style heavily influenced by the experimentalism of psychedelia, classical minimalism and garage rock excess.
The three-piece descended on the former Soviet Republic with their unique brand of garage rock and double denim fashion sense, and came away with a growing number of fans and more 50p vodka than you can shake a stick at.
Kraus was released from prison on bail a week later, and the album, containing six freewheeling psych-folk tunes seemingly influenced by Bob Dylan and American garage rock, was released in May of 1971 to very little public notice.
If paintings such as the Munch-like portrait (all works cited, Untitled, 2010) that depicts a skeleton in an ornate dress with thin strands of fiery hair, a leering grin, and glittering eyes, raising a flower delicately to her "nose," look as if they could be on the covet of an underground stoner or doom metal album, that quality may be traceable to Ethier's past as the lead singer and guitarist for the Canadian garage rock hand the Deadly Snakes (1996-2006).
Kick, The Splinters (Double Negative Records): The Splinters are the latest band to emerge from the seemingly endless garage rock revival.
By David Malitz Australian garage rock group Eddy Current Suppression Ring might not have much in common with Cate Blanchett or Penfolds Grange, but with AoRush to RelaxAo the quartet has established itself as one of Down UnderAAEs premier exports just the same.
His voice is always distinctive, some of the guitar melodies are recognizable, but otherwise "Phrazes" is a long way from the garage rock of the Strokes.