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Habitat isolation and fragmentation of the Chinese Grouse (Bonasa sewerzowi) at Lianhuashan Mountains, Gansu, China.
9-17, Lanzhou University Press, Lanzhou, Gansu, China
Washington -- The World Bank has approved a US$230 million loan for a highway project in the inner regions of Mongolia and Nixgxia, and the province of Gansu, China.
Proceeds of this transaction, $750,000, will be used to fund exploration programs on the Company's polymetallic White Silver Mountain project in Gansu, China.
Trina Solar has received approval from the Gansu Provincial Development and Reform Commission to develop a 50MW grid-connected solar power plant in Wuwei, Gansu, China.
King); Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute, Gansu, China (J.
We describe the nests, eggs, nestlings, and nesting behavior of this species in an alpine conifer-dominated forest in southern Gansu, China.