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Words related to rice

grains used as food either unpolished or more often polished

annual or perennial rhizomatous marsh grasses

English lyricist who frequently worked with Andrew Lloyd Webber (born in 1944)

United States playwright (1892-1967)

sieve so that it becomes the consistency of rice

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Net income for the quarter was impacted by one-off non-cash transactions such as a write-down associated with our investment in Ganji and share based compensation expenses related to Ganji prior to the August 2015 transaction.
SSP Imran Qureshi said said that security is always provided to people from the Hazara community when they come to buy vegetables from the Hazar Ganji area; however, on this occasion they came to the area without informing the police.
Although one should resist romanticizing or seeking causal explanations for suicide, many bloggers believe the traumatic experience in prison pushed Ganji to end his life.
Former Doha student Siddharth Ganji recently won top honours at the film festival in Houston for a film that he directed and produced, according to family sources.
The 60 heroes are:Yoani Sanchez, Cuba (2010)Akbar Ganji, Iran (2010)Pap Saine, Gambia (2010)Nedim Sener, Turkey (2010)Laurence Gandar, South Africa (2010)Lydia Cacho Ribeiro, Mexico (2010)May Chidiac, Lebanon (2010)Lasantha Wickrematunge, Sri Lanka (2010)Hrant Dink, Turkey (2007)Anna Politkovskaya, Russia (2006)Honoured in 2000:Aslam Ali, PakistanRudolf Augstein, GermanyOmar Belhouchet, AlgeriaKenneth Best, LiberiaHubert Beuve-Mery, FranceJesus Blancornelas, MexicoJose Burgos Jr.
Shops located on Jinnah Road, Liaquat Bazar, Brewery Road, Saryab Road, Prince Road, Abdul Sattar Road, Hazar Ganji, Sabzal Road, Joint Road and adjoining areas were also closed.
Most people these days associate the words "hunger strike" with Irish Republican prisoners, notably Bobby Sands, in the early 1980s or, more recently, in 2005, detainees at Guantanamo Bay and the Iranian journalist Akbar Ganji.
Every Iranian dissident, from Akbar Ganji to Shirin Ebadi, has noted that talk of air-strikes on Iran strengthened the regime.
30) Journalist and opposition leader Akbar Ganji is one of the few Iranians I met concerned about the safety of nuclear plants.
Akbar Ganji, an investigative journalist who is still in prison for his allegations about the senior clergy's role in serial killings, alleged in his trial five years ago that Ejei issued the death sentence for Davani.
Ganji is almost entirely a child of Khomeinism in socio-political terms.
Gholam Ali Riyahi, the lawyer of the reformist journalist Akbar Ganji, is quoted by the official press agency IRNA as saying the appeals court has upheld only one of four charges brought against Ganji by the hardline Revolutionary Court, reducing his sentence to six months from 10 years.
The shooting came four days after the hanging of Hanq Nawaz Ghangvi, a Sunni activist, for the murder of Iranian diplomat Sadiq Ganji in Multan in southern Punjab Province in 1990.
Akbar Ganji, a leading reformist journalist and one of several prominent writers and editors thrown behind bars by the hard-line judiciary in a major crackdown on the press in recent months, has accused Fallahian and Gholam-Hossein Mohseni Eje'i, the much-feared head of the Special Clergy Courts; Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi, spiritual leader of the hard-line Haqqiqi religious school in Qom; and other senior clerics of being implicated in the murders of the dissidents.