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Gangstas - love hiphop stars like Eminem, designer brands, sportswear and 'bling'.
Sometimes the rhetoric seems forced and artificial--a segment ends with, "I second that emotion"; a citation of Lauryn Hill is capped with, "The ball's in your court, gangstas.
In place of gangsta rap's complex, contemporary brutalities, you got syrupy covers of the Beatles and the Byrds, all cloaking music-industry realpolitik: within a month of the show, Time Warner had announced that it was selling its stake in Dre's Interscope label, as a direct result of lobbying by right-wing politicians and women's groups.
Danesi traces the various incarnations of that youth culture over the past several decades, with a look at adolescence, different views and interpretations of youth, the conditions that led to the development of a youth culture in the 1950s, and the diverse movements dominating youth culture over the past 50 years--from rockers, hippies, and geeks--to metalheads, punks, and goths, rappers, hip-hoppers, and gangstas.
Choose from some of the most deadly and insane gangstas to back you up.
Never mind that the Original Gangsta, a 19th-century mythological figure known as Stagger Lee, isn't even mentioned in the Fred Williamson production of ``Original Gangstas.
Photo: (1) Jim Brown, left, Ron O'Neal, Richard Roundtre e, Pam Grier and Fred Williamson star in ``Original Gangstas,'' which parallels Williamson's real-life encounter with drug dealers.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- The gangsta rap super group Westside Connection was formed in 1993 by West Coast rappers Ice Cube, WC and Mack 10.