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Children build their spelling aptitude while helping Bubbles activate the giant street sweeper to clean up the mess Mojo Jojo's clones and the Gangreen Gang have caused all over town.
Players can join Buttercup in a series of adventures as she dodges obstacles, rescues citizens, collects power-ups and combats such evil scoundrels as Fuzzy Lumpkins and the notorious Gangreen Gang.
launched the careers of The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, The Lemonheads, The Business, Slapshot, Poison Idea and Gangreen.
Because they are not suitable nor covenient to the state of human Nature, because they discompose and disorder it, makes it loose its peace and tranquillity and are directly contrary to the Law of self preservation in respect of the whole Compositum (d) [composition] for they naturally tend to its dissolution, and in respect of the nobler part of the (e) Soul wherein they are as so many Ulcers, Cankers and Gangreens.