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Among the condition factors, KF is the best index for assessing the well-being of this species in the Ganges River.
In the neighbouring state of Uttar Pradesh, the Ganges river has been flowing above the danger mark, and people living in low lying areas have been moving to higher ground.
The website said the proceeds from the auction were donated to the Namami Gange Fund, a project to clean up the heavily polluted Ganges River.
A devotee takes a dip in the polluted water of the Ganges river in Allahabad, India, July 5, 2015.
In India, the Ganges River is facing formidable pollution pressures and associated threats.
Boatman, a colourful image taken on the Ganges river in India was second and third was Contrasts, which shows a juxtaposition of the modern silver facade of the Bullring shopping centre in Birmingham with the red brickwork and stone church tower of the nearby church buildings.
Katrell went to India and witnessed the throngs at the Ganges River, toured the tea fields of Darjeeling, helped string pearls in conservative Hyderabad, but it was in a crowded Buddhist orphanage where she crossed paths with some girls who would change the course of her life.
The video for Freedom, released in July and nominated for Best Video, features images from around the world including women toiling in a sweatshop, to a slum, to India's holy Ganges River.
The scratchboard works are also outstanding, from a view of one of Petra's buildings seen through a gap in the rocks to a plethora of umbrellas along the shore of the Ganges River.
The 14-night trip will include two nights in New Delhi, a night in Agra to see the Taj Mahal, along with a sevennight river cruise on the Ganges River.
The Ganges River Dolphin has a global population of possibly just hundreds.
JUST AS AMAZON RAINFORESTS, North Pole icebergs, and Ganges River dolphins have become endangered, sacred musical artifacts can also disappear.
The plan includes the construction of 16 additional barrages on the Ganges River.
Modiwill stand for the parliamentary seat of the Ganges river city of Varanasi on May 12, four days before results are due.
The Indians think of the Brahmaputra River as a lifeline, especially since it is a main tributary of the sacred Ganges River.