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Can you imagine," said Monte Cristo, "some Othello or Abbe de Ganges, one stormy, dark night, descending these stairs step by step, carrying a load, which he wishes to hide from the sight of man, if not from God?
Gerwyn Jones, secretary of the TS Prince of Wales Unit, said: "TS Ganges currently leases part of the Newry Beach site and had expressed an interest in developing this site.
Boghiguian's recent show once again focused on her homeland, along with another favorite locale, India--more specifically, on the rivers that run through them, the Nile and the Ganges.
Two major examples of "anomalous water" are water from Lourdes and water from India's Ganges River, both hailed by the religious as miracle working.
HINDU followers converged on Liverpool for a religious celebration - with the Mersey revered as the River Ganges of the north of England.
I AM trying to find some of my old shipmates with whom I served in the HMS Ganges in Ipswich.
The Ganges Red mosquito is a giant form of the insect many people swat away on a daily basis.
It is a scene associated with the banks of the River Ganges, but in a remote Northumberland field yesterday a mother threw herself on her son's coffin moments before the country's first open-air funeral pyre was lit.
International watercourses law for the 21st century; the case of the River Ganges basin.
Her head shaved, and sequestered against her will in an austere hostel near the banks of the Ganges, irrepressible Chuyia sets about upending the iron rule of the ashram's grotesque matriarch Madhumati (Manorma).
THE SUNDARBANS, a region of thousands of islands in the Ganges delta on the India-Bangladesh border, serve as the setting for Amitav Ghosh's new novel, The Hungry Tide.
In front of a projection of shimmering water (the Ganges and Yellow Rivers provided inspiration for the piece), Mei held a metal circle, which Osorio struck with a bouquet of flowers before finding himself lying with his neck under the disc, guillotine style.
In 1971, the United Nations Children's Fund launched a campaign to drill hand-pumped tubewells into the Ganges Delta alluvium.
It doesn't look like the world's holiest place but for Welsh Hindus, the River Wye is as good as the Ganges.
The Grand Union Canal may not have the magical allure of the Ganges, but the rain-lashed buildings of the East Midlands city are set to become a backdrop for some of the biggest blockbusters in the business.