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a rude decoration inscribed on rocks or walls

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The Gang Graffiti Enforcement and Eradication Team reports directly to the sergeant in charge of the Gang Unit.
I know it's uncharitable, but I'm tired of every flat surface in my neighborhood covered in gang graffiti.
In one building, one of the feuding gangs taunted the other with a picture of a bicycle - in gang graffiti, that's saying they're nothing more than migrant workers, officers said.
In gang graffiti parlance, ``187'' - the California penal code section for murder - is a death threat.
The difference between gang graffiti and tagger graffiti can be hard to see.
The city has pegged combating gang graffiti and vandalism as one of its top priorities.
Carillo, who works for the city of Glendale and lives in Sylmar, said he finally got fed up last year after seeing gang graffiti as he drove his 14-year-old daughter to school.
So Alfredo painted public walls and private buildings, in alleys covered in gang graffiti.
and even their vehicles turned into a sullen canvas of gang graffiti.
The line separating gang graffiti and tagging has become blurred in recent years.
this analysis I identified five forms of gang graffiti communication:
For these reasons, the Folk and People Nations dominate the Indianapolis gang landscape, confirmed by area street gang graffiti almost exclusively composed of Chicago-area gang names and symbols.
org/): When I lived in Chicago, I had this fantasy about all the gang graffiti on the walls In the city suddenly being transformed into reproductions of high-art paintings: Botticellis in place of Insane Popes tags; Nude Descending a Staircase in place of the Latin Kings.
Reed Esklund for his efforts to combat gang graffiti.
Topics will include graffiti identification, distinguishing "tagging" from gang graffiti and recognizing signs that your child might be tagging and how to report it.