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Hindu god of wisdom or prophecy

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12) Lawrence Cohen, "The Wives of Ganesa," in Ganesh: Studies of an Ancient God, 115-39 (125).
a) School of Life Sciences and Technology, Bandung Institute of Technology Ganesa 10, Bandung 40132, Indonesia
The goddess Durga was depicted as a village woman with the god Ganesa in her lap (http://www.
TEAM MEMBERS - Seniors: Derek Bain, Curtis Belmonte, Zak King; Juniors: Wes Edlinger, Monzer Gandor, Jared Goldman, Kishori Koppu, Thomas Kunz, James William Lapuz, Aidan McInally, Naveena Shanmugam, Muneeba Syed, Osi Van Dessel, Dan Wentworth, Eric Williams; Sophomores: Katy Bain, Grisham Bryan, Himanshu Dedge, Anish Dhesikan, Joseph Fitzpatrick, Derek Granito, Nick Grosskopf, Abhi Gupta, Evan Johannesen, Tim Logan, Katie McBrayer, Justin Murphy, Jake Ottaviano, Priyam Patel, Keanu Patwari, Ben Samara, Sai Shushruma, Jaskirat Sohal; Freshmen: Gina Beford, Rich Cooper, Vasu Davanagere, Nancy Donoghue, David Du, Margaret Gach, Chirag Ganesa, Euan McInally, Sarath Mohan, Karina Naras, Michaella Petrucci, Atulita Punnamaraju, Fuming Qiu, Dan Schwab, Stephen Shamgochian, Kyle Vedder.
This research provides further evidence that experiences in the first year of life are associated with health status later in life, and that early life pet exposure does not put most children at risk of being sensitized to these animals later in life," said Ganesa Wegienka, the Department of Public Health Sciences, Henry Ford Hospital.
marem vejina mere ghara ganesa pujdyau je paddrtha samtana ke kdjem, te sdre sakatana nem khdyau vyasadasa kanya petahim kyom na marl, ananya dharma mem daga lagdyau (VG 289) May they die, who had Ganesa worshiped in my house
The other day I had a dream in which Lord Ganesa appeared before me and told me that if you want to get a six- pack abs, you have to pray to my dad.
Having so many people there doesn't make me nervous, but it makes me want to give a really good performance," said Leaders of Tomorrow member Sachita Ganesa, who will sing the "Star-Spangled Banner.
These reportedly include Ganesa, Brahma, Narayana, and Siva; priced at five Bahts each; and each numbering 700, 000.
Ganesa is a boy--the text is a balacarita--whose persona undergoes almost no development, except that he grows older in years and as any other boy, has to undergo successive samskara-s (p.
Prior to Ascent, he served as manager of global VOD support at nCUBE Corporation and held senior positions at Ganesa Telecommunications, Winstar International and Glotel PLC.
Kvatipunhi, the processions of the cows (Sayah), the day of giving alms to Buddhist priests (Panjaran), Catha or the day to worship the crescent of the moon and Ganesa, the festival dedicated to the god of rain Indra (Yamya), are celebrated by the Newars only.
One area suspected to be an ice volcano, Ganesa Macula, does not appear to be a volcanic dome.
Julie Torzsok tries to answer this question by means of three additions to the original text: the birth of Ganesa, the story of Siva's ashes, and the feast of Bhairava and Udakasevika.