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political and spiritual leader during India's struggle with Great Britain for home rule

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Gandhiji would have been appalled also by the fact that even though the United States itself, at least in principle, stands firmly against torture done on American soil or by American personnel (indeed America has a remarkable history of codifying and asserting individual rights and liberties going back all the way to the amendments to the US constitution made already in the eighteenth century), there are many holders of high American positions who approve of, and actively support, the procedure of what is called "extraordinary rendition".
In her opinion, Gandhi, or Gandhiji as she calls him, ``truly is the man of the millennium.
Tenders are invited for Construction of New Primary Health Centre Building at Gandhiji Street OHT Premises in Ward No-24, Zone-2.
After all, Gandhiji after returning from South Africa never adhered to any dress code.
Got threat calls from Canada, I was told that I will be killed in the same way as Godse assassinated Gandhiji," said Hazare.
Thiruvananthapuram : After facing party's wrath for praising Indian Prime Minister's cleanliness drive, Congress Member of Parliament (MP) Shashi Tharoor on Saturday joined the campaign on the outskirts of the south Indian state capital by invoking Mahatma Gandhi, saying he is not going to surrender Gandhiji to Narendra Modi.
Gandhiji had once said that India will stand behind those, who are in grief in any corner of the world, but the sad part as of today is that India has maintained its stoic silence," Mufti further added.
Mahatma Gandhiji had an exemplary passion for justice and an indefatigable spirit of service to mankind.
This is the section under which Pandit Nehru, Lokmanya Tilak and Gandhiji were booked.
However, the series of portraits of Mahatma Gandhi that he did for the Gujarat government to adorn six ashrams of Gandhiji are the most remarkable creations that he always cherishes.
But the event definitely proved one thing, Gandhiji matters even today, 61 years after we lost him.
Gandhiji, Pandit Nehru and Indira Gandhi also practised yoga.
Gandhiji organized nationwide celebrations on 26 January 1930 as Independence Day.
Speaking on the occasion, the President said, "The Gandhi Peace Prize is an expression of our belief that the ideals that Gandhiji espoused are part of our collective living heritage.