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political and spiritual leader during India's struggle with Great Britain for home rule

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There is a story about how some Congress men used the name of Gandhiji to win elections in 1952.
About 100 years ago, Gandhiji had tried to inculcate this by cleaning toilets himself.
The archive includes several letters that throw fresh light on the controversial relationship between Gandhiji and Kallenbach, one of the foremost associates and friends of Gandhiji during his time in South Africa.
No wonder when Gandhiji arrived at the Al-Tawahi port in Aden on the morning of September 2, 1931 on board the British Ship 'SS Rajputana', en route to London to participate in the Second Round Table Conference, he was warmly received by the people of Aden, both Indian and the locals.
Prof BR Natarajan Pro Vice Chancellor of Shridhar University addressed the gathering and reiterated that the Way to Transform can happen by taking inspiration from the quote of Gandhiji "Be the Change You wish to see in the world".
From the law it appears that there should be no problem using the portrait of Gandhiji provided required permissions have been obtained, she says.
Arun and Tushar, along with more than two dozen activists and family members, held a demonstration on Tuesday in downtown Mumbai near a statue of Gandhiji.
Gandhiji was concerned with the morality of personal behavior, but not just with that.
In her opinion, Gandhi, or Gandhiji as she calls him, ``truly is the man of the millennium.
Gandhism means "the vision or philosophy shown by Gandhiji of human life and of whole social system based on the foundation of Truth and Non-violence.
Tenders are invited for Repairing AND up gradation of Road from Gate No 3 to Gandhiji Rotary at Vidhan Sabha Bhopal
Gandhiji, in his lifetime, demonstrated, propagated and insisted for individual and community cleanliness.
The symbol says that Gandhiji is watching you and you should do your duty.
Gandhiji never attached any importance to political expediencies and always spoke against all kinds of evils.