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Hindu god of wisdom or prophecy

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About Tactile Led by former Salesforce and Siebel executive Chuck Ganapathi, Tactile is on a mission to make the world a happier place to work, by creating tools that empower individuals and enrich companies.
In my 18 years in enterprise software, I've never met an end user who isn't frustrated by disconnected, company-mandated tools," says Ganapathi, whose new company has secured $11.
Ganapathi secretary ( West) in the ministry of external affairs expressed India's concern and angst in Indian society about the untimely and tragic death of Savita.
Ganapathi earlier on Friday said the main aim of the conference is to increase the reach of Hindi language in different parts of the world.
INSIDE & OUT with Muthu Ganapathi, Hip and Knee Specialist, Spire Yale Hospital, Wrexham and Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor KEYHOLE surgery is now a common procedure done in many parts of the body.
Aguilera, Rupp, Williams, and Ganapathi (2007), Castelo Branco and Rodrigues (2006), Coutinho and Macedo-Soares (2002), Husted and Allen (2000, 2001), McWilliams and Siegel (2001), Porter and Kramer (2002, 2006), Pearce and Doh (2005), Husted and Salazar (2005, 2006), the efforts of these authors do not fill all the theoretical, methodological and practical gaps.
Kumar Ganapathi, 41, had worked as a labourer for Habib Awachi and Sons Company for six-and-a-half years.
The famous Bhagavath Ganapathi Bhat was supported by Padyana Shankaranarayana Bhat on the chende and Adoor Ganesh Rao on the mridanga.
Sujatha has investigated the factors that thwart the career growth of woman managers in private organizations, whereas the effect of work environment on the performance of executives has been studied by Ganapathi et el.
Ganapathi Vignesh was Park's hero as he claimed 4-27 to help dismiss Poynton for 121 and then struck 67 in their successful reply.
Macdonald WW, Smith CE, Dawson PS, Ganapathi Pillai A, Mahadevan S.
For doxorubicin accumulation studies cells grown in 96-well plates as above were incubated with 10[micro]M doxorubicin and Pgp inhibitors at 37 [degrees]C for 1 h (Krishan and Ganapathi, 1979).
These rocks which have been identified to be the deposits of fresh water inland basins (Joshi and Ganapathi,1990; Joshi,1991) occur along the periphery of Deccan basaltic lava flows in the form of patchy outcrops, having a wide lateral extension throughout the Narmada basin.