Garden of Eden

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a beautiful garden where Adam and Eve were placed at the Creation


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His thirsty soul, which marched through the desert when other souls soaked in the hot tubs of Gan Eden, his faithful soul that never grumbled and never looked back.
Yn barod i'ch gwneud i chi chwerthin heno bydd Ifan Gruffydd, Tudur Owen, Don Davies, Alun James, John Ogwen a Nigel Owens yn diddanu, gyda chaneuon gan Eden, a Bryn Fon a'r Band yn cloi'r rhaglen.
Religions also have their descriptions of utopia, such as jannat (Islam), tengoku (Shinto), heaven (Christianity), Gan Eden (Judaism), moksha (Hinduism) and nirvana (Buddhism)--each of these words describe a beautiful place of perfection, peace and happiness, a paradise.
Gan Eden Preschool and Nursery School has signed a 2,500 s/f lease at 131 W.
The apple symbolises Gan Eden (the Garden of Eden) which according to the Midrash had the scene of an apple orchard.