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United States physicist (born in Russia) who was a proponent of the big-bang theory and who did research in radioactivity and suggested the triplet code for DNA (1904-1968)


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Siguiendo los lineamientos didacticos sugeridos por Reyes (2001) y ampliados por Sierra (2007) se ha disenado una estrategia de ensenanza a los efectos de mejorar el proceso de aprendizaje, incorporando en el aula el cuento de Gamow "El demonio de Maxwell", el cual proporciona una vision microscopica de los conceptos termodinamicos: energia interna, conservacion de la energia, calor, probabilidad y entropia.
One contemporary observer remarks that, "These observations suggest that I should be grateful my genes were not designed by George Gamow or Francis Crick.
Gamow, "The Origin of Chemical Elements," Physical Review 73 (1948) p.
Unfortunately, George Gamow could not share this honor because he died in 1968 and the by-laws of the Nobel Prize do not permit posthumous awards.
Gamow presents fundamental principles of physics through the dreams and fantastic adventures of the titular protagonist.
A commonly used portable hyperbaric chamber, known as the Gamow bag, can be used for simulated descents of up to 600 meters when a climber cannot be moved.
Before leaving the United States in 1938, Stromgren was invited by George Gamow to participate in a Washington conference attended by a select group of theoretical physicists and astronomers.
Por ultimo, se senala la poderosa escuela anglosajona, que brilla en el XIX con Darwin, un cientifico que escribia como un divulgador, o Faraday y da lugar al siglo XX norteamericano: la verdadera explosion cambrica de la divulgacion, con autores como Gamow, Asimov, Sagan o Gould (2) (Laszlo, 1993).
IN 2001, JOHN GRIBBIN PUBLISHED Science: a History, which used an essentially biographical approach to give a vivid and down-to-earth account of the chief figures in the rise of modern science, from Copernicus to George Gamow and Fred Hoyle.
GAMOW, George: <<On relativistic Cosmology>>, Reviews of Modern Physics, 21, no.
Gamow had escaped from the Soviet Union and had relocated to George Washington University, where he was the chairman of the department.
Its authors, Drs Jim Duff and Peter Gormly, are well qualified to advise; the former has more than 30 years' field experience and was instrumental in the development of the Gamow bag for treating mountain sickness, while the latter has been involved in safety and first-aid issues in Antarctica for many years.
At George Washington University, he would begin a very productive collaboration with Russian emigre George Gamow in nuclear physics.
En la mejor tradicion impuesta por Galileo y continuada en el siglo XX por George Gamow, Richard Feynman y Albert Einstein, es decir, escribir sobre los hallazgos complicados de la ciencia de tal manera que todos los entiendan, Hawking se impuso la tarea de compartir con el publico el pensamiento atrevido de su epoca en cosmologia, fisica de altas energias y astrofisica.
The book chronicles Watson's research, his life among the scientific elite--notably George Gamow, a practical-joking physicist who helped establish the Big Bang theory--and his search to find a life partner.