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an immature animal or plant cell that develops into a gamete by meiosis

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Since this mobility is crucial to finding a female gametocyte, the presence of a greater number of males at this stage of the infection counters their reduced reproductive chances, he concludes.
1) Develop a novel tool to enrich early stage gametocytes from parasite culture using cell-type specific surface biotinylation and affinity purification.
Primaquine is one of the few antimalarial drugs that targets the transmission stages of the malaria parasite, the gametocytes, and is therefore considered to be an important tool for malaria elimination.
Giemsa-stained thin blood smears from 26 different snakes were examined for intraerythrocytic gametocytes.
To see whether carrying the transmissible gametocytes might affect a person's attractiveness to mosquitoes, Jacob Koella of Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris and his colleagues devised a simple test in an area of Kenya with endemic malaria.
Slides were considered positive when asexual forms and/or gametocytes of any Plasmodium species were observed on the blood film.
While in the gut, the organisms undergo several complex life-cycle changes, leading to formation of gametocytes that fuse and create more oocysts.
The gametocytes form a sexual union and burrow into the stomach lining of the mosquito, where they undergo sexual reproduction producing thousands of sporozoites.
Trioxaquines are new antimalarial agents active on all erythrocytic forms, including gametocytes.
The epidemiology and dynamics of gametocytes are poorly understood: it is presently unknown when commitment to gametocytes first occurs during infections and what intrinsic or extrinsic factors influence gametocyte production and infectivity to mosquitoes.
Hypertrophied (50-70 [micro]m) gametocytes containing basophilic intranuclear inclusions and condensed peripheral chromatin, typical of viral gametocytic hypertrophy (Fig.
Falciparum malaria: accidental transmission to man by mosquitoes after infection with culture-derived gametocytes.
targets capillary endothelial cells, fibroblasts, and muscle tissue, while gametocytes are within the peripheral blood (Couch 1952).
Mosquitoes were most attracted to infected mice with a high concentration of gametocytes, the plasmodium parasite's reproductive cells, in their blood.