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a traditional Indonesian ensemble typically including many tuned percussion instruments including bamboo xylophones and wooden or bronze chimes and gongs

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As Anderson Sutton claims, the "Javanese did not begin to notate gamelan music for over half a century after .
Some scholars (Becker 1979, DeVale and Dibia 1991) hold that the forms and structures of gamelan music are homologous with that of cosmology; that an isomorphic mapping process connects the music to the placement of deities, the designs of calendars, and so forth.
Later, I'll enjoy a gourmet dinner and carefully selected wines at the hotel's world-renowned restaurant, while gently insistent gamelan music tinkles in the background.
Except sit back and listen to the wonderfully atmospheric Gamelan music performed live on stage while the rest of them start slugging it out soon after the entry of "our real hero" Armusia (Jamie Glover) whose job it is to wave the colonial flag and point out that while he'd like to marry a princess he'd really rather die than convert to some "Johnny Foreigner" religion.
She describes her installations as "visual music," and she's taken up gamelan music because she feels its complex combination of instrumental components is close to what she is trying to achieve.
I read some of After Yesterday's Crash while half-listening to a CD of Balinese gamelan music - gorgeous stuff, what angels on drugs must listen to - and realized I was exemplifying part of what McCaffery was after in this anthology: we live in a world of bizarre conjunctions (in this case, ancient music played on a high-tech CD while reading a book of avant-garde fiction), but too few writers attempt to capture that disorienting melange of media overkill, global awareness, hyperconsumerism, and sensory overload that makes up postmodern life.
Five of the six titles currently available focus on specific cultures: Music of Northeast Brazil, Afro-Caribbean Music, Music of South Africa, Gamelan Music of Indonesia, and Irish Traditional Music.
Also on Thursday night, the seductive sounds of Indonesian gamelan music will waft through the Sage's Hall 2 when the Sambasunda quintet stop-off on their UK tour.
Vandertuin learned to play Indonesian gamelan music at the California Institute of the Arts, and offered instruction and performances in Eugene.
And, throughout, a splendid score of authentic gamelan music is played, amazingly, by the actors themselves who come and go amongst the musicians.
Monkey Shines' is choreographed by University of Oregon professor emerita Janet Descutner to `Hanuman Dreams of Africa' by gamelan music director Qehn.
It reflects his interest in gamelan music at that time -- as a student at Durham he played in and wrote for an ensemble -- and recreates its distinctive timbres with prepared piano and vibraphone.
Wedding ceremonies in Java begin with the Gamelan music, she said, and the artists play special notes when the bride and bridegroom arrive.
Of course, minimalist composers like Reich and Terry Riley were themselves heavily influenced by gamelan music.
Brett argues that gamelan music came to signify forbidden sexuality - and in particular man-boy love - for Britten; the interpretation is based on Britten's friend Colin McPhee's use of Balinese music, on American composers' use of gamelan as a "gay sign," and on some internal evidence in Britten's operas.