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any fish providing sport for the angler


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Running a food company may be tough, but it's nothing compared with trying to catch 10 record big gamefish.
To find out, Dr Bronwyn Gillanders, Douglas Ferrell and Dr Neil Andrew, all then with the NSW Fisheries Research Institute, used tag-recapture data from the cooperative NSW Fisheries Gamefish Tagging Program to assess the usefulness of such information for estimating movement and life-history parameters in yellowtail kingfish.
Aside from the pallid sturgeon's importance as a natural inhabitant of the Missouri and Mississippi river systems, it also has economic benefits; some anglers consider it one of America's premier gamefish.
Every part of the country has beautiful and unique native fish that can be used as gamefish, you just have to do a little research
In recent years, Mark Feldstein and Associates has thrown itself into the niche market, beginning with the Singing Bird Clock and continuing with subsequent train and gamefish clocks.
The Gulf Coast Conservation Association (GCCA), a sportsmen's group founded in 1976 which eventually succeeded in conferring non-sale gamefish status on Texas' redfish and forced a statewide ban on near-shore netting, has come under fire from many commercial fishermen.
The scientists say anglers might apply the substance -- whimsically named "Gotta Bite" -- to lures to make gamefish all but leap into the boat.
Other possibilities include gamefish such as bonito and yellowtail.
I hope the state officials take a serious look at gamefish designation; it is an effective tool to protect endangered or dwindling species.
Once this superheated water reaches the eastern shorelines of these bays, it often makes baitfish and gamefish more active.
Updated Sportfishing Value Added Data (VAD), providing new information on reefs, wrecks and prime fishing locations, intelligence on available gamefish species, Fish ID photos and more.
There's reason to be positive about our ocean gamefish stocks.
Anglers looking for a challenge will get one; snook are formidable gamefish and put up a great fight.
There are about 20 different species of tuna in the world, but Cheesman figures he needs just two others - the dog tooth tuna and the big eye tuna, found off Australia and in the Indian Ocean - to complete a "grand slam" of tuna gamefish.
Abel likes to test his gear himself while trying for world-record-sized gamefish.