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a hunt for animals that have been raised on game ranches until they are mature enough to be killed for trophy collections

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We need to establish the value for money on purchasing the game farm as it only comprises of the less expensive wild species of animals as opposed the animals such as the African Lion and the White rhinos which were once available in the farm, said Hon.
The group's response was to pull up its tent stakes and cross over to the north side of Game Farm Road.
Agreements have been signed with iFLY Virginia Beach, Jasper Tramway Acquisition Corporation, African Lion Safari & Game Farm LTD.
In mid-October, the PGC declared a 600-square-mile disease designation area around the game farm where CWD was found.
The robber first tried to break into the Lombardini Game Farm s cash register and a cupboard.
We tested the prediction that eggshells from the wild population should be thinner than those from the game farm population.
Sixty of 76 deer killed at a Wisconsin game farm earlier this year tested positive for chronic wasting disease (CWD), reports The Capital Times.
But investigators caught Terry Sizer, owner of Pye Hall Game Farm in Suffolk, on film admitting that 24,000 of his 300,000 chicks died at the farm this year.
Carrie Bell, owner of Nipissing Game Farm, Exporting Award, Northeastern Ontario
In December, Limpopo game wardens confiscated six lions from an illegal breeding project on a private game farm.
North Central PIMA Division 4th Annual "Guns of Navarino" North Central Sporting Clays J&H Game Farm Navarino, WI Contact: Nick Dohr, dohrknob@aol.
Gordon's elephant was trucked to the gallery from a Connecticut game farm for a shoot last May.
He suspects this is due to the interstate transportation of game farm animals.
Peter Channing, owner of the Lillyfontein game farm near Durban, South Africa, said he had only agreed to take Mrs Stewart for a flip over the park in his helicopter as a special favour for her birthday.
Seven brown bears escaped from a game farm in Kamikawa, central Hokkaido, on Monday, forcing the evacuation of about 50 nearby tourists, local police said.