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The unique 45 RPM game board is a 4 piece puzzle made from MDF-Medium Density Fiberboard.
We are delighted that Peter Lawwell and Ralph Topping have been unanimously elected by the Professional Game Board to serve the professional game on the main board of the Scottish FA.
WRU chief executive Roger Lewis said: "I am delighted that we have reached agreement on the establishment of the professional regional game board.
The Monopoly game board must measure more than 144 square metres to beat the current world record held in Germany.
Game boards are available at Rite Aid stores and online.
To start place the eighteen counters on the game board as shown in the diagram, leaving just the center point empty.
Big Brother set up a huge game board with 80 squares - one for each day of the series so far - which wound throughout the house.
The Super Add-On game board is placed in the middle of the Monopoly board.
Thusly the Atlantic clique moves up another couple of notches on the game board.
Property deeds based on the game board are available for sponsorship, ranging from $2,500 for Boardwalk to $750 for Kentucky Avenue to $250 for Baltic Avenue.
A statement from the FA, read: ``In view of the current discussions over the restructuring of The Football Association, the Professional Game Board today decided that their nomination for the position of Professional Game vice-chair would not go forward.
This tough game board is perfect for playing checkers, 2D four-in-a-row, and even chess
Create a life-sized game board using colored spot markers to create a fun maze pattern.
They said: 'We believe, and our colleagues in the national game agree in principle, that it is appropriate to set up a professional game board, which will ultimately be accountable to the main FA board, mirroring exactly the way that the national game board discusses issues of particular relevance to them.
The game board consists of cardboard squares on which are drawn the shapes from the first die.