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a native or inhabitant of Gambia

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The goal of the 2018-2021 National Development Plan is to "deliver good governance and accountability, social cohesion, national reconciliation and a revitalized and transformed economy for the wellbeing of all Gambians.
In his own remarks, President Buhari said Nigeria will soon raise a team to work with their Gambian counterparts on how to assist the country going forward.
The report also provides input on the latest developments under the new Gambian administration lead by President Adama Barrow, particularly concerning human rights.
He assured the delegation of all possible assistance to Gambian universities.
Thus far, Afghanistan and the Gambian team are the only two who had their visa applications rejected.
Jammeh, who was greeted in Equatorial Guinea with a banner from locals declaring "We do not want another dictator in our country", was allowed to deplete Gambian state coffers to the tune of $11m and a fleet of luxury cars.
Senghor offers a fair discussion of Faye's achievements and weaknesses and points out several instances where Faye's human failings were obvious, including his 'impolitic comportment' as the Gambian representative in London (p.
This antipodal experience of Gambian history is well-captured in this edition of the Historical Dictionary of The Gambia.
The Birmingham Coroner has released the bodies of four Gambian men and one Senegalese man who died at Hawkeswood Metal in Aston Church Road on July 7.
Summary: Gambian daily alleges 320 highly-trained soldiers were sent to guard president
that IIUI would provide 10 scholarships to the Gambian students.
Sandeng and two fellow party members were reported to have died in detention after leading a protest calling for electoral reform and the resignation of Gambian President Yahya Jammeh.
Global Banking News-December 9, 2015--Arab Gambian Islamic Bank goes live on new core banking platform
It's a two-legged clash against Namibia, with the first meeting in the Gambian coastal town of Bakau on Friday and the return on Tuesday 13.
The Gambian insurance industry is regulated by the Central Bank of the Gambia.