Gamal Abdel Nasser

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Egyptian statesman who nationalized the Suez Canal (1918-1970)


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While at the military college, Numayri honed his political skills by becoming avid admirer of Egyptian President Gamal Abd al-Nasser.
Probably more than any other leader, President Gamal Abd al-Nasser (1954-1970) articulated this perception in his declaration, The Philosophy of the Revolution.
In 1954 he was arrested along with other members of the Brotherhood, after a botched attempt to overthrow the government of Gamal Abd al-Nasser.
Islamism has stirred a certain fascination since the 1970s (Kepel notes that this decade marks the assassination of Gamal Abd al-Nasser and the eclipse of Nasserism and pan-Arabism by Islamism in the Arab Middle East), but it is perhaps only in the current climate that the potential dangers of the radical strain of this ideology and its violent methods can be more widely appreciated.
Obtaining the support of Abd al-Hakim Abd al-Nasser, son of the late President Gamal Abd al-Nasser, would also help in this regard.