Galveston Bay

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an arm of the Gulf of Mexico in Texas to the south of Houston

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Nutrient pulsing as a regulator of phytoplankton abundance and community composition in Galveston Bay, Texas.
In this study we developed predictive models that estimate brown shrimp (Farfantepenaeus aztecus, formerly Penaeus aztecus [see Perez-Farfante and Kensley, 1997]) habitat-use patterns and interactions as a function of density-independent processes in Galveston Bay, Texas.
The company also recently commenced operations to upgrade the infrastructure and perform workovers at its oil and gas producing assets in Galveston Bay, Texas.
Augustine, FL, and off North Carolina cluster with samples in the Gulf of Mexico from Galveston Bay, Texas, eastward, despite a modern-era distributional gap that encompasses the southern reaches of Florida from the Loxahatchee River on the Atlantic Coast to the Caloosatchee Estuary on the Gulf Coast (NOAA (5)).
Daniel Dror, Chairman and CEO, announced today that the Company has signed a listing agreement with McDade, Smith, Gould, Johnston, Mason and Company to sell its 287 acres of undeveloped real estate on Galveston Bay, Texas.
In Galveston Bay, Texas, Duma plans to continue enhancing the production from its three northern productive fields in Galveston Bay.
TransTexas Gas Corporation (OTCBB:TTXGQ) reported that, while drilling its State Tract 331-9 well in the shallow waters of Galveston Bay, Texas, Transocean inland barge Rig 62 last night experienced a fire on the rig, which was immediately evacuated.
com) announced today that it has successfully isolated natural oil-eating bacteria from polluted soil near Galveston Bay, Texas that has been shown in laboratory tests to be effective for the bioremediation of crude oil and petroleum saturated earth.
oil and gas exploration and production company, announced today an update on drilling operations at its Lone Oak prospect in Galveston Bay, Texas.
HOUSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--August 5, 1998--TransTexas Gas Corporation (NYSE:TTG) said that production had commenced from the first two wells in its Eagle Bay natural gas field in Galveston Bay, Texas.
OTC Bulletin Board: UVSE), announced today an update on drilling operations at its Lone Oak prospect in Galveston Bay, Texas.
OTC Bulletin Board: UVSE), announced today that drilling at its Lone Oak Prospect in Galveston Bay, Texas has reached a measured depth of 11,586 feet.
20, 1998--TransTexas Gas Corporation (NYSE: TTG) today said that it had successfully drilled and logged a confirmation well in its Eagle Point natural gas field in Galveston Bay, Texas.
THE WOODLANDS, Texas, April 17 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Tekoil & Gas Corporation (BULLETIN BOARD: TKGN) announced today that for the first time since acquiring its four fields in Galveston and Chambers counties in Galveston Bay, Texas, it had a positive net operating cash-flow of $242,676 (unaudited) for the month of February, compared to net operating losses of ($538,894) (unaudited) for the month of January, and average operating losses for the prior eight months of ($434,460) (audited).
5 million, which it will invest principally in its majority-owned properties in Galveston Bay, Texas in order to begin the work-over program designed by the Company and its financial partner, Goldman Sachs E & P Capital in connection with the acquisition of the properties.
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