Galveston Bay

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an arm of the Gulf of Mexico in Texas to the south of Houston

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Ongoing studies are being conducted in Offatts Bayou and Galveston Bay with the intent to develop microbial indicators for these aquatic ecosystems.
Other investors in the project include Contango Capital Biofuels Partners LP, Galveston Bay Biodiesel Management LLC, Sultex LLC, Mobius Risk Group LLC, and Beaver Creek Fund, Ltd.
In Texas, concern mounted for the safety of the many large oil refineries and petrochemical plants that dotted the shoreline of Galveston Bay.
The Denbigh was used to smuggle uniforms, boots and lead from Cuba but hit a sandbank in Galveston Bay in 1865 and sank under fire from Union forces.
Several times each week she has taken her two-year-old son Ian and five- year-old daughter Jenna to their private jetty at Galveston Bay, Texas.
And in March, a barge broke up in Texas' Galveston Bay, gushing a two-mile ribbon of oil from its 714,000-gallon contents.
The whole area of Galveston Bay offers many summer tourist attractions, including sailing, deep sea fishing, a railway museum, a Sea-Arama Marine World, tram and train tours, and the tall ship Elissa, built on the Clyde in Scotland, rescued from a boat boneyard in Greece by the Galveston Historical Foundation, and carefully returned to its original condition.
Galveston County borders the Gulf Coast and Galveston Bay and has a population of approximately 291,000.
In addition, we are experiencing high levels of interest and activity in our 18,000 acres held by production in Galveston Bay.
It's outrageous Attorney General Paxton wants to turn back the clock and allow polluters to spoil the streams which feed great waterways like the Colorado River and Galveston Bay," said Luke Metzger, director of Environment Texas.
Negotiators for Marathon Petroleum and union workers at the company's Galveston Bay, Texas, refinery reached a tentative agreement for a four-year contract, pointing to the end of a walkout that has lasted four months, said local union officials.
All of the dredged material from this contract will be placed in the beneficial use placement area, Shoal Point PA 3, 4 and 5, located south of the channel in Galveston Bay, said Wise.
In 1999, spotted seatrout from Texas and Louisiana were not differentiated except for the Galveston Bay samples that differed significantly from all other samples.
The millionaire, who sometimes posed as a mute woman while living on Galveston Island, Texas, claims Black died accidentally during a struggle over a gun and that he cut him up with two saws and an axe and disposed of the body in Galveston Bay because he feared authorities would not believe him.
SACRAMENTO - State health officials are warning consumers not to eat raw oysters harvested from Galveston Bay, Texas.
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