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Italian physiologist noted for his discovery that frogs' muscles contracted in an electric field (which led to the galvanic cell) (1737-1798)

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Further, since the pasta shelf has not increased in size, and in ways has even decreased, setting up the shelf set optimally for both shopper appeal and efficiency is key, Galvani notes.
Prenton's Marco Galvani, with radio presenter Margherita Taylor, after being chosen to write a new piece of music to celebrate Classic FM's 25th birthday Picture: ISABEL INFANTES
GSK's chairman of global vaccines Moncef Slaoui said: "This agreement with Verily to establish Galvani Bioelectronics signals a crucial step forward in GSK's bioelectronics journey, bringing together health and tech to realise a shared vision of miniaturised, precision electrical therapies.
GSK will own 55 percent of Galvani - named after the 18th century Italian scientist, physician and philosopher Luigi Aloisio Galvani - while the remaining 45 percent will be owned by Verily - a company that was formerly known as Google Life Sciences.
1) Parque Fioravante Galvani/Instituto Lina Galvani, Rodovia BR-242, Km 870, Zona Rural, 47800-000 Barreiras, BA, Brazil
According to researchers Chris Bauch, from University of Waterloo and co-author Alison Galvani from Yale University, biological spread of diseased is intertwined with how society responds to those contagions.
Metso also recently announced it was selected to supply grinding and bulk materials handling equipment for Galvani Group, a Brazilian family-owned company active in mining, fertilizers and construction businesses.
In this fascinating and accessible account of the body electric, the early contributions of Benjamin Franklin, Luigi Galvani, Hogin & Huxley et al are examined as well as present-day research onf how ion channels and electricity are producing some of the most exciting advances in medicine, shedding new light on conditions ranging from diabetes and heart arrhythmias to cystic fibrosis and infertility.
New York, Nov 2, 2012 - (ACN Newswire) - Galvani Studios, under the direction of internationally acclaimed digital creator Eduardo Galvani, announced today the release of the first title in its Yellow Cab series.
Last month, Jill Galvani, an executive director at BCUHB, told locals at a consultation meeting that Flint Community Hospital was past its sell-by date.
Carlos Galvani, director of minimally invasive and robotic surgery at the University of Arizona Medical Center.
Jill Galvani director of nursing and midwifery said: "We are delighted that Dr Groves is our named doctor.
Materials and Methods: TENS, galvani farad, ultrasound, electrotherapy, diadynami, traction, shortwave diathermy, infrared, treadmill, paraffin and hot pack devices are within the scope of this study.
It includes the famous occasion when Italian physicist Luigi Galvani discovered that the legs of dead frogs twitched when struck by a spark, and some of the equipment on show wouldn't have gone amiss in Baron Frankenstein's laboratory.
As head of Premier Supermarkets, once the most important mover in British grocery retail, Galvani literally wrote the book on self-service (Going Self-Service, with Arthur Amell, in 1952),