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the body of Jews (or Jewish communities) outside Palestine or modern Israel

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the dispersion of the Jews outside Israel

the dispersion or spreading of something that was originally localized (as a people or language or culture)

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She is a Galut girl who -- unlike Jacob -- has not lost her Jewish pride and identity despite the past secular ambience of her family and country.
Ben-Gurion scorned the Galut and the old-world Jews with their Talmudic ways; but he was astute enough to realize that a Jewish state had to be more than just a state and that the Bible must be a cornerstone of the entire enterprise.
This perception of class stratifications, where the Israeli-born Jewish Sabra--the new Jew--is superior to the Jews in the Galut, has been heavily entrenched in the Zionist ethos from its earliest days.
Following Maimonides, he suggested that we wait for the messiah, who will be a man like Moses and Joshua, who will remove us from galut (exile) and restore us to Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel), end sorrow and suffering, rebuild the Temple of Jerusalem, and usher in salvation for Israel and all the world.
He remembered also that the Zohar refers to the galut hadibur (the exile of the word) "for words, too, are exiled.
9) This state of affairs was the result of the plural social, ideological, and religious composition of the Jewish communities in the Galut.
Lustig, who organized the Galut 2000 conference on which this book is based, is a US-born, Berlin-based translator involved with an informal Jewish group.
prescient when he described "the Galut [exile] of Judaism.
I think that in order to liberate the Jews from the effects of the galut (extended exile) and establish a revitalized, authentic Jewish culture, Klausner had to confront the numerical success of Christianity and refute the claim that Christianity lies at the heart of Western, European civilization.
TWO MATCHES: Mickey Collins (Portadown), Thomas Wray (Institute), Stephen Parkhouse (Institute), Seamus Fanthorpe (Omagh Town), Ivan Sproule (Omagh Town), Brian Whistle (Crusaders); ONE MATCH: Shea Campbell (Ballymena), George McMullan, Liam Fleming (both Cliftonville), Pedro Delgado (Dungannon Swifts), Andy McDonald (Larne), Glenn Ferguson, Michael Galut (both Linfield), Stephen Hewe (Glenavon), Gareth McKeown (Lisburn Distillery), Aidan McCarron (Omagh Town).
Klijanienko J, Couturier J, Galut M, El-Naggar AK, Maciorowski Z, Padoy E, et al.
She ascends, making aliyah; the rest of the lower-class remains in galut (the Diaspora) .
The establishment of the Israeli state may be "the most profound modification of the Galut which has occurred .
The exodus from Egypt provided them with a paradigm of redemption from slavery, persecution, and "the tragedy of the galut [exile].