Galtonia candicans

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southern African herb with white bell-shaped flowers

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We also find that many summer flowering bulbs like the bright orange, yellow or red flowered Crocosmias, white flowered Galtonia candicans and blue or white flowered Agapanthus do well.
Hyacinths are generally known as highly scented spring bulbs, but there is also a summer hyacinth, Galtonia candicans, which grows to 3ft (1m) high and makes big clumps of strap-like leaves, producing white, bell shaped flowers in summer.
The Cape Hyacinth, Galtonia candicans is tall and white, lifting its elegant head above regular border plants, it brings a sort of pearly freshness to the August garden.
Nuclear divisions in the tapetal cells of Galtonia candicans.
Of the three species, Galtonia candicans, holder of the Royal Horticultural Society award of garden merit, is the hardiest and the best for growing in Britain.