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English scientist (cousin of Charles Darwin) who explored many fields including heredity, meteorology, statistics, psychology, and anthropology

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Birmingham commuters were also caught when an electrical fault caused the cancellation of 40 trains and 5,404 minutes of delays between New Street and Galton Junction on December 7.
On December 7, 40 more trains were cancelled and there was a further 5,404 delay minutes after an AC/ DC trip on the Birmingham New Street to Galton Junction line.
I think after he left the BBC and Sid and Galton and Simpson, there was a pretty rapid decline.
Galton analyses Clasper's achievements and those of his family in detail.
It's part of a new range designed by Galton based on jewellery made by Mappin & Webb for the Empress of Siam at the beginning of the 20th century.
7) In Inquiries into the Human Faculty and Its Development (1883), Galton wrote that eugenics was "the science of improving stock .
Mr Galton is filling in for Julie Rogers, who has been appointed director, workforce and organisational development, but has not taken up the post yet because she has been supervising the progress of the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Bill, which was passed on Tuesday.
A British Transport Police spokesman said: "Police officers were called to a location close to Smethwick Galton Bridge Station after a report that a person had been struck by a train at 10.
The archaeology of race; the eugenic ideas of Francis Galton and Flinders Petrie.
The three social scientific schools of eugenicist Francis Galton, Scottish biologist Patrick Geddes, and Oxford idealist philosopher L.
He relates the intrigues and egos of key individuals, specifically the conspiracy between Francis Galton and William Herschel to deny credit to Henry Faulds for his contributions to fingerprint science.
1822: Francis Galton, founder of a new science called 'eugenics', was born in Birmingham.
London, Jan 2 (ANI): The script that led comic legend Tony Hancock to leave his hit writers Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, is going to be made into a film, more than 50 years after it was first written.
SIR FRANCIS GALTON, I have to warn you, was a rather unpleasant man.
Although questions about organisms' inborn features and how those features may (or may not) change over time go back at least to Aristotle's proposed teleological view of the epigenesis of organisms, Keller--given her interest in the language of the debate--naturally looks to the earliest use of the specific terminology (Nature versus Nurture) and the specific sense of 'separability and oppositionality' (19); she identifies Francis Galton as the first to create the 'explicit conjunction' (17) of the terms.