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Synonyms for gal

Synonyms for gal

United States liquid unit equal to 4 quarts or 3

a unit of gravitational acceleration equal to one centimeter per second per second (named after Galileo)

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alliterative term for girl (or woman)

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If courts were to permit GALs to attend mediation, a number of problems could arise because of concerns about confidentiality.
The better argument is not to permit GALs to disclose information gained in mediation to the court.
The ideal solution is one that would preserve the benefit provided by GALs through their thorough investigation into custody disputes, as well as preserve the benefit that family mediation offers for helping parents resolve disputes about their children.
The current Illinois Supreme Court Rule 923 provides for GALs to be appointed at the full case management conference held after the mediation.
The Third District has also expressed reservations about the role of GALs in the judicial process.
However, the program has been unable to safeguard those rights in the courts, in part due to its failure to represent the children in all of the cases to which it is appointed and in part because many judges are not convinced that GALs are sufficiently trained or experienced to assist the judicial process.
27) The court justified its holding on the traditional "duty of the court to protect the best interests of children involved in all types of litigation" and the fact that GALs are a "relatively new addition to proceedings involving children.
The GALS planner pages feature inspiring quotes from some of the most engaging women from all walks of life, including: celebrities, entrepreneurs, business executives, magazine editors, athletes, pioneers and, of course, courageous women battling Stage IV breast cancer.
Some of the "Gals" quoted in the GALS planner pages include: Marg Helgenberger, Feature film actress, Crime Scene Investigator star, Jean Chatzky, Bestselling Author and Financial Editor, NBC Today, Molly Sims, Model and Actress, Becky Hammond, WNBA Player, Dayna Devon, Television Host, "EXTRA
The Design-her Gals' website is sponsoring the Second Annual Gal to Gal Foundation Virtual Walk and fundraiser to benefit Stage IV breast cancer patients and their families during the month of October.
Under the requirements of the pilot project, a GAL is provided every time an attorney ad litem (AAL) is appointed.
When the proposed models are discussed and debated, strong consideration should be given to the attorney-driven GAL model that we have used for 30 years in Orange County to successfully serve the children of our community.
Abramowitz stresses that he's committed that all of the GAL attorneys will be required to become board certified in juvenile law, a new area of certification that has been approved by The Florida Bar Board of Governors and is currently pending before the Florida Supreme Court.
The first significant difference when compared to attorneys in the JAS pay plan is the JAS attorneys receive almost 100 percent paid insurance benefits and the GAL attorneys do not (the state pays only a portion of insurance costs.
Turnover in the GAL Program was 30 percent for program attorneys and 25 percent for supervising attorneys in FY 2013-14, higher than that of assistant public defenders and assistant state attorneys.