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a waterproof overshoe that protects shoes from water or snow

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They came up from San Francisco on Friday night sleeper trains and, when they tired of skiing, rented galoshes and went tobogganing, or sledding on the lids of ash cans.
In 1898, Finnish Rubber Works, which later became Nokia's rubber business, was founded and went on to make everything from galoshes to tyres.
New Look's cute galoshes are just the thing to complete this weather-cheating fashion look.
Meanwhile, an elderly man grumbles as he tugs on galoshes, is rude to a doorman and generally trudges, bad-tempered, through his morning.
Waterproofs and galoshes are more likely to be the order of the day than snow ploughs, as rainfall is set to measure 20 to 30mm tomorrow through to early on Sunday.
I bounded back upstairs and relayed the news hurriedly to my storm-mates, who threw on galoshes and sandals and followed me back down to what we later learned was Ground Zero of Sandy's wrath on Manhattan.
I ran past racks of stiff work shirts set out to air, and into the hot dark, where I waded over riding boots and galoshes and shouted out for Mr.
The Dazzler (right) decided retail therapy was his best bet after pitching up at soggy Royal Lytham in suede sneakers, and he was only after some galoshes to keep his feet dry.
Waterproofs, windcheaters and galoshes are very much in order, although sunglasses are added by some later on when the grey skies clear for the big race before yet another downpour, accompanied this time by thunder.
For example, a bear could be dressed in a raincoat with galoshes, holding an umbrella and splashing in puddles.
The lyrically simple text flows across lots of white spaces and the gently playful illustrations depict plenty of action in soft pastel colours and rounded shapes, with every event enlivened by those red galoshes.
Beneath the galoshes the child was wearing no shoes.
Surely those basking in the sun on the beaches of California are happier than poor souls trapped in galoshes and earmuffs in the bleak winter of Minnesota.
When I went to claim Prince at the end of the day, it was discovered that he had destroyed several galoshes during his internment.
Another alternative to classic rain boots worth considering are galoshes, or overshoes, which aren't just for nattily attired businessmen or folks who wear HazMat suits to work.