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French mathematician who described the conditions for solving polynomial equations

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The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency several years ago conducted a four-year program--which Galois was involved in--to attempt to speed up the process, he said.
2) shows that (K, v) is p-henselian if and only if v extends uniquely to every Galois extension of degree p.
p]-fields, the notion of a morphism (branched Galois cover) of branched [Z.
We recall some algebraic notions like Galois connections, complete lattices or closure systems.
Each time source node sends DataNum data packets, it randomly chooses network coding coefficients in Galois field and codes.
Galois was right about his firearms abilities: He lost and died.
G] [subset or equal to] A is a Galois extension, then the following hold:
Tel: 029 2023 2199 [ETH]variste Galois 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff Tickets: TBC The best and noisiest Cardiff band, named after a 19th century mathematician, by a long chalk.
And in the chapters on Bichat (chapter 4), Davy (chapter 5), and Galois (chapter 6) that follow, Chai traces out analogous distinctions between degrees of reflexivity, ranging from Bichat's attempt to develop a new theory of vitality, to Galois' more ambitious field theory; Galois theory could be extended to include new members in a group that are not yet known--a group defined by a "principle of containment" rather than an account of its elements (147).
Young, sexy superbrain Galois (Alejo Sauras), who has recently solved Goldbach's Theorem, is invited by the mysterious Fermat (Federico Luppi) to attend a gathering of math experts to elucidate an enigma.
A second, circa 1820, was the discovery of group theory by the young French mathematician Galois.
The equation ultimately yielded to group theory, which Livio calls the "language of symmetry," Group theory was developed by two 19th-century mathematicians, Niels Henrik Abel and Evariste Galois, both of whom managed their achievements during tragically short lives, Abel died of tuberculosis at 26 and Galois was killed in a duel at age 20, Livio devotes special attention to Galois, whose proof would create a new branch of algebra, The author also delves deep into groups and permutations, and describes how symmetry applies to fields as diverse as physics and psychology.
The night before Galois died, writes Berlinski, retailing Bell: "[H]e sat at his desk and proposed to commit to posterity the teeming and obsessive mathematical ideas that he had until then kept locked within his skull.
It is demonstrated that in the (projective plane over) Galois fields GF(q) with q = [2.