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a town in northwestern New Mexico near the Arizona border

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Park Sung-joong, LKP's PR chief, said: "I think Gallup could have some leverage on Gallup Korea, since the latter has used Gallup's reputation for its business.
Overall economic optimism and hope, however declined over the last months, Gallup said.
Another Gallup metric -- happiness -- showed something different taking shape.
According to the Gallup Pakistan survey, 31% respondents said the PML-N would form the next government.
Gallup clients that participate in the Gallup survey process and meet certain criteria are eligible to apply for the Gallup Great Workplace Award.
2003 Gallup 42% 35% 20% Only a little Not at all proud proud Jun.
Since then, WPX has lowered its drilling times on Gallup wells by 75%.
We are honoured that Gallup has recognised Regions Bank among the top companies globally for our efforts to create a highly engaged workforce.
However, Gallup also speculated that because of workplace gender bias, women managers might be more adept at leveraging their natural talents to engage their teams because they need to exceed expectations to advance in their organizations.
Gallup has studied the behavior of high performers in every imaginable role, from elite military personnel and teachers to bank tellers and truck drivers.
Between 2000 and 2006, less than half of Americans believed having a gun at home makes it safer, but since then, this percentage has significantly increased to a majority," Gallup reports.
Gallup compiled the "yes" results into a Negative Experience Index score for each country.
Timothy Cannon, that Federal Emergency Management Agency official who we reported in the last issue was charged with helping the Gallup Organization secure a $6 million FEMA contract as he was being offered a job with Gallup, has pleaded guilty.
19 ( ANI ): USA Today and polling organization Gallup have announced a mutual decision to end their 20-year partnership.
But when Gallup reported Romney's edge expanded to seven points on Thursday, panic ensued, leading some to speculate that Obama's chances of winning a second term may already be dashed.