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a district in southwestern Scotland

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breed of hardy black chiefly beef cattle native to Scotland

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There was an almost creepy stillness, and then the unnerved Galloway called out sharply:
Lord Galloway, you are certainly the best person to tell the ladies what has happened, and prevent a panic.
Galloway went to the drawing-room and told the terrible news tactfully enough, so that by the time the company assembled there the ladies were already startled and already soothed.
Then, as the servant vanished, "Lord Galloway says he saw you leaving the garden just before he found the corpse.
Lord Galloway had edged up to his daughter, and was intimidating her in what he imagined to be an undertone.
Lord Galloway, I understand, met you passing from the study to the drawing-room, and it was only some minutes afterwards that he found the garden and the Commandant still walking there.
Lord Galloway was a gentleman, and had offered him an apology.
He had that last argument with Brayne, that Lord Galloway did not hear the end of; that failing, he led him out into the sealed garden, talked about swordsmanship, used twigs and a sabre for illustration, and--"
At Klondyke Farms Galloways are a big part of the breeding for the beef cows.
Galloways are the most efficient breed at feed conversion, beating out the Angus with a conversion rate of 6.
Nothing precludes the Galloways from suing Brox again should evidence arise that his actual use of the Easement is unreasonable under the circumstances," states the judge's order.
The line is commonly attributed to one Ralph Galloway, a British U.