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The flightless Weka (Gallirallus australis) of New Zealand clearly belonged with this group and the species were included under the older name Gallirallus (Olson 1973).
Adult Gallirallus wakensis have been depicted in an excellent ink drawing by D.
The overall plumage pattern of Gallirallus wakensis is actually quite similar to the superficially more ornate Buff-banded Rail, the most conspicuous difference being the absence of white spotting throughout the dorsum of the former.
Livezey (2003), in an exhaustive quantitative analysis of the morphological manifestations of flightlessness in the Rallidae, concluded that Gallirallus wakensis was small relative to its congeners (Livezey 2003), a fact that had been readily observable since the species' discovery.
The following measurements are from the three complete skeletons and are included for potential comparison with new species of Gallirallus that may be found in the fossil record of Pacific islands.
exulans prior to the war, we do not believe that rat predation was a factor in the extinction of Gallirallus wakensis.
Testosterone is correlated with courtship but not aggression in the tropical Buff-banded Rail, Gallirallus philippensis.