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Epidemiology and conservation implication of trichomonas gallinae infection in the endangered Mauritian pink pigeon.
gallinae in hatching-year and adult Cooper's Hawks migrating through Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory in Duluth, Minnesota.
helvetica was detected in 1 CeratophyIlus gallinae (hen flea).
Sed (11) quia femineos castravit Gallica Gallos, Gallinae, Galle, nomen et omen habe.
In that population, 85% of nestling Cooper's hawks had T gallinae in their oral cavity, compared to only 1% of breeding-age hawks.
Band-tailed Pigeons in California and elsewhere are known to have significant mortality due to infections of Trichomonas gallinae (Stabler and Braun 1975, 1979; Cole 1999).
This paper describes the clinical signs and histopathologic findings associated with an emergent disease associated with Trichomonas gallinae infections in free-ranging house finches (Carpodacus mexicanus) in California.
For 3 years, cultures of oropharyngeal samples from 612 wild and domestic pigeons (Columba livia) and 102 birds of prey from 15 different species were made in an attempt to determine the prevalence of T gallinae in the Valencian community (eastern Spain).