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of or pertaining to France or the people of France


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Not that we should not recognize different national styles--as Taruskin himself has in noting the influence of French music on Italian in the trecento ("a truly gallicized style" [1:366]).
Look for Gibert's Gallicized versions of steamers, oysters, mussels, scallops, fish, chicken, corn-on-the-cob and coleslaw plus strawberry rhubarb crumb with maple sugar ice cream for dessert, all for $25 per person (add lobster for $11 extra).
Gallicized and intellectual, party elites aimed to overhaul the old social order.
Lott reports that de Meyer, an Austrian who had gallicized his surname from von Meyer, was "at the height of his European celebrity" (p.
Thus the same person is called an Armenian, an Armenian Egyptian, a French-educated Armenian, a gallicized Egyptian Armenian, etc.
Already a noted poet in Rumania-born Benjamin Wechsler, he wrote in Rumanian under the pseudonym Fundoianu, which he then gallicized as Fondane-he published two collections of French poetry, Ulysses and Titanic, between the wars.