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a word or phrase borrowed from French

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A limited presence of Gallicisms is noted in both dictionaries (abrege, a jour, a la carte, a la coque, a la page, ancien regime, etc.
25), as are in fact many strands of discussion throughout the work; the fact that many Arabic and Ottoman terms are never defined, the liberal use of unexplained Latin terms and idioms (as well as some odd Anglicisms and Gallicisms, viz.
These are the people who use the worst sort of Anglicisms and Gallicisms, but reject the simple 'me parece' as artificial
This causes her to burst fairly consistently into gnomic Gallicisms which strain the politeness as well as the construing powers of the assembled Janeites, though in a larger sense they constantly misconstrue each other in any case.
Although Deux Langues Six Idiomes is a manual for French to English translation, nothing about it is insufferably pedantic; it is an enjoyable journey into jargons, regionalisms, gallicisms, anglicisms, false friends and spaghetti sentences.
With his keen eye for affect, Brown pounces on all the Etonians' plummy little mannerisms: their clubbiness, mutual flattery, pedantic allusions, gratuitous Gallicisms, and Latin tags flaunted like designer labels.
Rather, it had hopelessly tainted the nation's literary palate, not only by inuring it to a diet of Gallicisms, but also by promoting a degenerate habit of "polemical bickering.