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an ancient region of western Europe that included what is now northern Italy and France and Belgium and part of Germany and the Netherlands


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speaking section of Switzerland; the Gallia Hotel Milan in Italy plus The Peninsula Hotel Paris, along with a currently unidentified 5-star
In short, it's an upmarket beach resort on the Adriatic coast with smart hotels such as the Grand Hotel Gallia - where I was staying (www.
The company says it will open three new hotels in 2013: the Royal Savoy Lausanne; the Gallia Hotel Milan; The Peninsula Hotel Paris, as well as a second Parisian location with a five-star hotel.
Among recently received books from this stable figures Voyage avec Strabon, a new translation of Book IV of Strabo's Geography, which deals with Gaul: it starts with Gallia Narbonensis, Provence and the interior, then Aquitaine, Gallia Lugdunensis and Gallia Belgica; Chapter 5 is devoted to characteristics common to Celtic peoples, and the last two chapters consider Britain and the Alps.
Three new European properties are also slated to come online this year; the Royal Savoy Lausanne in Switzerland, the Gallia Hotel, Milan and the Peninsula Hotel, Paris.
It might have been easier to memorize the table if you knew such facts as Ga, 31 is gallium, named by a Frenchman Le Coq de Boisbaudran for France which means Gallia in Latin, and that he used it to make a teaspoon that would dissolve at 87 degrees Fahrenheit and melt in a teacup.
In the mouth gallia melon fruit is held aloft by the oak and a decent hit of minerality keeps it lively on the palate.
Turkey's emphasis on freedom of navigation is also connected to the assessment that in the eastern Mediterranean there are natural gas deposits beyond what have already been discovered," Gallia Lindenstrauss of the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University, told Reuters.
After graduating, he became director of youth development at the Stars Soccer Club in Atlanta, Georgia and was also head coach at the Gallia Academy.
The Minister of Justice also met the Ambassador of Malta to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Frank Gallia, and discussed with him a number of issues that concern the two countries.
But for those weaned on Welkin and co's battle to save the country of Gallia from invading forces, it's a disappointment.
These training courses, which are conducted by highly-qualified trainers from the IFES jointly with the CEC and with OSCE support, will build the capacity of the election commissions to hold the referendum in line with national and international norms," said Gallia Alymbekova, a member of the Kyrgyz Central Election Commission.
He also met nieces Natasha, Gallia and Nina for the first time.
pounds 119THE five-star Le Meridien Gallia in Milan now pounds 119 for a double room per night - down from pounds 510.
I hope to see you at CPhI, Hall 16, B10 and, of course, at the European Outsourcing Awards dinner at the Le Meridien Gallia.