galley slave

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Synonyms for galley slave

a slave condemned to row in a galley

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a laborer who is obliged to do menial work

References in classic literature ?
It is very easy to say that; but a government place is a government place, and that plucky Colleville, who works like a galley-slave outside of this office, and who could earn, if he lost his appointment, more than his salary, prefers to keep his place.
Thus the years passed, as Burns himself says, in the "cheerless gloom of a hermit, with the unceasing toil of a galley-slave.
They further come across galley-slaves who were convicted as criminals and Don Quixote comes to their help in line with his determination to right all wrongs and liberating the oppressed.
Maybe I should demand reparations from French papists for consigning my ancestors to a living death as galley-slaves.