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Synonyms for galley slave

a slave condemned to row in a galley

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a laborer who is obliged to do menial work

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Just so," replied the galley slave, "and the offence for which they gave him that punishment was having been an ear-broker, nay body-broker; I mean, in short, that this gentleman goes as a pimp, and for having besides a certain touch of the sorcerer about him.
Gently, senor commissary," said the galley slave at this, "let us have no fixing of names or surnames; my name is Gines, not Ginesillo, and my family name is Pasamonte, not Parapilla as you say; let each one mind his own business, and he will be doing enough.
It is easy to see," returned the galley slave, "that man goes as God pleases, but some one shall know some day whether I am called Ginesillo de Parapilla or not.
The Dies Irae thundered out aided by a wonderfully vehement timpanist, obviously moonlighting from his day job beating time for the galley slaves in Ben Hur.
Slaves were also held privately, and while some were well treated, others were as harshly dealt with in industries like agriculture and construction as the pasha's galley slaves.
Junior doctors are expected to work like galley slaves and when inevitable mistakes in diagnosis are made, it's often because senior clinicians are enjoying their Sunday roast when they should be patrolling the wards.
Jean Marteilhe's "Galley Slave" is the memoir of a French Protestant who was condemned for his faith to serve as a galley slave in the early 18th Century and provides a vivid, eye-witness account of what the lives (and deaths) of galley slaves were like.
It seems that, if people today are familiar with faith slavery at all, it is because of novels and films about Muslim corsairs who used Christians as their galley slaves and about Turkish harems including Christian slave women.
As one person said: "The Merchant Navy ship owners got rid of the galley slaves, sails and oars, then fitted diesel engines and employed people as engine slaves instead".
War is indeed made easy when politicians sail their ships of state and the media are like galley slaves down below pulling their masters' oars.
Hook up the Lard Camp telly to some rowing machines and tell them that unless they row like galley slaves - Simon Cowell will not be appearing.
In the 16th century, captured British seamen were used as galley slaves by the Spaniards.