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a large square-rigged sailing ship with three or more masts

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They must therefore hasten to unload the galleons before the arrival of the combined fleet; and time would not have failed them had not a miserable question of rivalry suddenly arisen.
Here on this very spot the galleons laden for the Spanish Government had sunk.
A society which has received from the Spanish Government the privilege of seeking those buried galleons.
But, seeing that the treasure must fall into the enemy's hands, he burnt and scuttled every galleon, which went to the bottom with their immense riches.
The galleon was washed high upon the beach where she went to pieces; but not before the survivors, who numbered but ten souls, had rescued one of the great chests of treasure.
The men had built a boat from the wreckage of the galleon, but having no idea where the island was located they had not dared to put to sea.
Clayton says they will meet with a fate similar to the mutineers of the ancient galleon, because King, the only man aboard who knew aught of navigation, was murdered on the beach by one of the men the day we landed.
Both wrecks are also of extraordinary size for sailing vessels and Manila Galleons were some of the largest sailing ships ever built.
In JK Rowling's Harry Potter stories, the coins are called knuts, sickles and galleons.
There are eight galleons in all, where wannabe swashbucklers will experience a fun-filled splash battle.
There are eight Galleons where wannabe swashbucklers will experience a fun-filled splash battle of their lives.
Currency experts believe they have worked out the value for galleons - the money used in JK Rowling's bestsellers.
Harry and friends use bronze knuts, silver sickles and gold galleons.
The entire assembly has a surprising lightness and delicacy; with their sails unfurled, the office blocks resemble billowing galleons on the high seas.
Yet the galleons were heavily armed, the Pacific Ocean was wide, and for years the Spanish shipments continued in peace.