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annual or perennial herbs: bedstraw

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I I Sporadic species: Artemisia absinthium 2; Conringia planisiliqua 18; Galium aparine 7; Galium spurium 20; Geranium rotundifolium 22; Impatiens parviflora 19; Parietaria serbica 4(1); Phleum graecum 15; Pimpinella peregrina 21; Silene ladygini 4; Sisymbrium loeselii 5; Taraxacum sp.
Allozyme polymorphism in diploid and polyploid population of Galium.
Also Apiaceae, Rosaceae, Compositae, Rumex, Filipendula, Chenopodiaceae, Caryophyllaceae, Plantago, Cyperaceae, Trifolium, and Galium pollen is found.
reseda absolute from Reseda odorata, woodruff absolute from Galium odorata); c) materials which go short because of huge demand (e.
Galium aparine, commonly known as `goosegrass' or `Sticky Willie' sticks like glue to anything it comes into contact with as the stems, leaves and even its fruit are covered with tiny, hooked bristles - again, pull it out before it sets seed.
Moreover, recent results from the Kamiokande detector in Japan and ambiguous preliminary data from the Soviet-American galium experiment in the Soviet Union provide little help in solving the solar-neutrino puzzle (SN: 9/1/90, p.
7,399,429 covering the ability to make semiconductor nanocrystals from III-V materials, including indium galium phosphide.
Chamaesyce hirta Galium aparine Phyllanthus urinaria Desmodium tortuosum Portulaca amilis Hedyotis corymbosa Portulaca oleracea Rubus cuneifolius Richardia brasiliensis Acalypha sp.
Winter Summer Winter Plants (2005-2006) (2006) (2006-2007) Forbs Allium x Ambrosia x x Cirsium x x x Dalea x x Desmodium x Galium x Helianthus x x x Kummerowia stipulacea x Lespedeza capitata x x Lespedeza cuneata x Melilotus x Phyla x x x Psoralea x Rudbeckia x Sisyrinchium x Solidago x x x Verbena x x Woody plants Amorpha x x Ceanothus (leaf) x Cornus x x Rhus (leaf) x x x Rosa (leaf) x Rosa (stem) x x Rubus (leaf) x Salix (stem) x x Symphoricarpos (leaf) x x Celtis (leaf) x x x Gleditsia (stem) x x Morus (leaf) x x Populus (stem) x Quercus (leaf) x x Grasses Agrostis x Alopecurus x Andropogon x x Bouteloua x Bromus x x x Elymus x x Panicum x x Poa x x Schizachyrium x Sorghastrum x x Sporobolus x
salicina community (Molinion) has a high frequency of Succisa pratensis, Galium boreale, Inula salicina, and Geum rivale, which are absent or very rare in the S.
Species of: Polygonum aviculare, Chenopodium album, Sinapis arvensis, Cardaria draba, Galium tricornatm, Acroptilon repense, Descurainia sophia were the most important broad-leaved weeds of irrigated-wheat fields.
SP SP SP SP 97 97 04 04 Taxa C E C E Acer negundo -- -- 21 25 Alliaria petiolata 60 56 59 54 Boehmeria cylindrica -- -- 28 31 Circaea lutetiana -- -- -- -- Claytonia virginica 18 22 -- -- Daucus carota 19 27 -- -- Eupatorium rugosum -- -- 21 27 Galium aparine 68 57 * 21 28 Geum sp.
Traditionally Galium aparine and Arctium lappa would have been used to 'purify the blood', Silybum marianum to support and strengthen the liver, Thymus vulgaris as an antiseptic skin wash, Capsicum frutescens as an infusion, wash or topical application.
Heterostructures are junctions between materials of different composition; one grown on top of the other, for instance Galium Arsenide on top of Silicon.