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Russian ballet dancer (1910-1998)

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6) Galina Ulanova, in Harlow Robinson, The Last Impresario: The Life, Times, and Legacy of Sol Hurok (New York: Viking, 1994),376.
Singer Shirley Bassey (above left) 62; rock singer David Bowie (above right) 52; mathematician-author Prof Stephen Hawking, 57; actor Ron Moody, 75; and prima ballerina Galina Ulanova, 89.
GALINA Ulanova, one of the greatest Russian ballerinas of Soviet times, died yesterday at the age of 88.
When she performed Romeo and Juliet with the Kirov in London in 2005, many compared her to the great ballerina Galina Ulanova, whose name will always be synonymous with the role (see sidebar of "Swept Away," page 35).
The incomparable Galina Ulanova starred as Juliet with Konstantin Sergeyev as her Romeo.
The ballerina who first set the dance world aflame with her Juliet was Galina Ulanova.
The great Galina Ulanova chose him as her partner in one of her last performances of Chopiniana.
Watching a film of Bolshoi great Galina Ulanova on TV convinced Tan that ballet was her destiny.
Maximova danced all the classical roles, coached by Galina Ulanova, and most of Grigorovich's ballets.
From Moscow's Bolshoi Ballet came Galina Ulanova, indisputably one of the great ballerinas of the 20th century; and Vakhtang Chabukiani, who helped transform male dancing.