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an area of northern Israel

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Mendi Safadi, Chief of Staff for the Israeli Deputy Minister for the Development of the Negev and the Galillee, is quoted saying the girl will receive USD 150 a month until she turns 18.
Although he worked as a farmer on a ranch in Diaspora America, as he had in Zionist Palestine, Poleskin explains in the Foreword to the book's first edition that he was moved to jot down reminiscences of the Jewish lives he remembered, his own and those of his comrades with whom he worked in the settlements of Judea and the Galillee.
Shmuel Shamai, Tel Hai Academic College, Upper Galillee, and Golan Research Institute, University of Haifa.
The reading, from the Gospel of St John, told the story of the third time Jesus presented himself to the disciples after the resurrection by the sea of Galillee.