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Italian astronomer and mathematician who was the first to use a telescope to study the stars

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These monopolistic tactics made Galileo secretive about the telescope.
Galileo International's Clarke sees the potential for synergies to the tune of $50 million, which he called a conservative estimate.
Although Descartes regarded the Copernican view of the universe to be "certain and evident," he also knew that Galileo had not demonstrated the heliocentric view.
POPE URBAN VIII Galileo, my old friend; I hope time has healed your wounds, and that we can still call each other 'friend.
In a nutshell: Handsomely rendered history slightly diminished by occasional costume-drama histrionics by Simon Callow as Galileo.
The idea that the earth revolves around the sun was introduced by Copernicus, thirty years before Galileo was born.
Clinical Data Shows GALILEO System Reduces Rates of Restenosis
edu with other materials from The Galileo Project).
GALILEO originated with the thirty-four institutions in the University System of Georgia.
In an opening flourish that Biagioli calls "epistolary anthropology," he analyzes the letters between Galileo and his patrons, with particular emphasis on the formalities, courtesies, and compliments that abound; these are revealed as far from perfunctory, but rather the careful code of the "microphysics of patronage" by which Galileo measured and modulated his social position.
Galileo will use Accept 360 to define, prioritize and deliver new products to its network of over 44,000 travel agency customers worldwide.
The section devoted to the arts contains two excellent essays, one by Horst Bredekamp, "Gazing Hands and Blind Spots: Galileo as Draftsman," and one by Sara Booth and Albert van Helden, "The Virgin and the Telescope: The Moons of Cigoli and Galileo.
Shea and Artigas look beyond that event to reveal that Galileo made six long visits to Rome during his lifetime to meet with high-ranking members of the Church, as well as leading scientific and literary figures, in an effort to become known and accepted.
The images and other data sent back by NASA's Galileo spacecraft will be used to learn more about volcanoes here on Earth, said Duane Bindschadler, manager for science planning and operations for the Galileo mission.
Of the twelve essays in the present volume, seven concern Galileo's science, and three the "Galileo affair" (his trial for heresy); one focuses on the image of Galileo as hero-martyr, and a final essay tells the curious tale of Galileo's sepulchers.