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Italian astronomer and mathematician who was the first to use a telescope to study the stars

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GALILEO INTERNATIONAL JOHN LOVETT-John Lovett, general manager, Latin America, Galileo International.
That is not a new story, but it has been reemphasized by the results of the Galileo mission.
According to Tony Murfin, NovAtel's Vice President, Business Development, "The SoL program with CMC Electronics and the CSA represents a further key project which adds to NovAtel's growing inventory of Galileo receiver technology.
At the centre of the agreement, RENFE will be utilising Galileo's printer sharing technology, Galileo Print Delivery System (GPDS).
Galileo missed its best opportunity to view Io last Dec.
With more images and data returning every day, Galileo already has established the 3,269-mile-wide moon as a planet in its own right - ringed by a magnetic field and deeply buckled by the same internal forces at work within the Earth.
Everything is going normally on the spacecraft, and the return of the high-resolution images of Europa started on schedule,'' Bill O'Neil, Galileo project manager at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, reported Thursday.
It's all about helping our agency partners win and succeed by giving them a unique competitive advantage," said Dan Neuburger, Galileo executive vice president and general manager - The Americas.
For example, he notes their common interest in exploring the relation between a mover and moved in both natural and violent motions and the application of a mechanical principle to the analysis of motion, although Galileo used Archimedes' hydrostatics rather than pseudo-Aristotelian circular motion.
The discovery of the record-setting plume proved especially surprising because Galileo researchers had expected the flyby to take the craft directly through gases rising from a volcano called Tvashtar, which lies near Io's north pole.
The unmanned Galileo spacecraft, now making a two-year tour of Jupiter and its largest moons, will come within just 433 miles of Europa.
Galileo is Europe's new satellite navigation system and will be a civilian alternative and complement to the American GPS system.
Galileo Web services booking capabilities for car rental and hotel services are currently under development.
Both the height and location of the eruption, imaged last December and January by the Cassini and Galileo craft, make it a standout.
This essay reassesses the role of reading in the context of seventeenth-century natural philosophy by analyzing Galileo Galilei's Starry Messenger and Margaret Cavendish's The Blazing World.