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Synonyms for Galilean

an inhabitant of Galilee (an epithet of Jesus Christ)

one of the four satellites of Jupiter that were discovered by Galileo

Related Words

of or relating to Galilee or its inhabitants


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That done, paper currency could be made that converts either Palestinian or Galilean Silver Shekels.
The Kepler design will be longer in length compared to the Galilean telescope of equivalent magnification.
SHINING Jupiter and its four planet-size moons - the Galileans
Though Josephus depicted rural Galileans as hostile toward Sepphoris during the revolt, he did not attribute such antipathy to class, ethnic, or economic tensions.
devoted his life to the study of the early Jesus movement in its Galilean context and was recognized as a leading scholar in the field.
Peterson's book does much to explain that mystery and to give us an understanding of what may be called the Galilean moment.
Missing from the sequence is the moon Ganymede, one of the four Galilean moons that was outside Hubble's field of view and too far from Jupiter in angular separation to be considered part of this conjunction.
It pushes the dating of Jesus's life back nearly a generation to ancient Judea and shows how the real historical Jesus was actually Judas the Galilean.
She covers the prologue and narrative beginnings in Luke 1:1-4:13, Jesus' Galilean ministry in Luke 4:14-9:50, speech and silence in the central section Luke 9:51-19:44, and the passion and post-resurrection narratives of Luke 19:45-24:53.
It consists of a jeremiad against the dominance of abstract, Galilean science over the primacy of 'Life'.
Small telescopes will show the planets main cloud belts and the ever changing position of the four Galilean moons, a fine sight in moderate to large telescopes.
Erik Asphaug, professor of Earth and planetary sciences at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and his colleague Andreas Reufer of the University of Bern, Switzerland, propose that the Saturn system started with a family of major satellites comparable to the four large moons of Jupiter (known as the Galilean moons, discovered by Galileo in 1610).
Ever since I have acquired Chris Marriott's commercially available software "SkyMap Lite" and saw that one could predict, by means of an animation, a transit of the shadow of one of Jupiter's Galilean moons, the desire grew to actually observe such a transit.
The four Galilean satellites will also be occulted, and Figure 2 shows the northern limits of their occultation regions.